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How We Move Agricultural Machinery and Products

How We Move Agricultural Machinery and Products

How We Move Agricultural Machinery and Products

Today’s agricultural machinery has come a long way from the ox and plow, and modern farm equipment now includes huge pieces of machinery, including tractors, combine harvesters, and swathers, as well as the many large implements that can be attached to tractors, such as plows, harrows, seeders, balers, fertilizer spreaders, and so on. 

These implements make modern agricultural operations much more efficient, enabling even smaller, non-corporate farms to cultivate large tracts of land quickly and efficiently. But the need to use these huge machines comes with a problem that must be solved: getting them transported to your farm so that you can use them. When you purchase large pieces of agricultural machinery, many of them are too large to fit on standard trailers. Instead, they require more specialized transportation arrangements.

At The Logistics Guys, we are experts in getting difficult things transported, including large items of farm machinery. We can manage every aspect of your shipment, from picking it up from the production line at the factory, or, if it is a used item, from an auction house or from another farm, and get it delivered to your operation. We guarantee that your shipment will get to you on schedule, and that the shipment will be undertaken in full compliance with both federal and state Department of Transportation regulations. 

Moving Agricultural Machinery

There are a variety of logistical issues to consider when transporting large shipments. For large farm machines, you have to decide whether rail or truck is better depending on what you are shipping and where it is being shipped.

Rail occasionally has advantages in that rail flatbeds are often larger than truck trailer beds, and rail flatbeds can handle tremendous amounts of weight. Rail is especially efficient when machinery has to be shipped a long distance. In some cases, however, there may not be rail service available near either the shipping point or the delivery point. In that case, trucking will be the most efficient option. Moreover, even if you are able to use rail, at some point, you will have to truck your equipment for parts of the trip: from its pick-up point to the rail and from the rail drop-off point to the delivery site. For this, you won’t be able to just hire a standard trucking company and expect it to be able to handle your load. 

Heavy machinery must be transported by specialty haulers. It must be put on the right type of trailer to be able to handle the weight and dimensions of the load. There are regulations that govern width, height, and load overhang. You have to pay attention to making sure the machinery is properly secured. If it is oversize – that is, the machine will take up more room than the allowable lane width of a road, you will have a variety of regulations in place governing the hours in which you can travel. It will be critical to evaluate the routes to ensure they allow the weight loads and that you will not encounter any obstacles to transport, such as low bridge heights or bridges that cannot withstand the loads. The load will have to be properly marked and lit, and you will most likely need special permits from the states you are bringing the load through.

Moving Agricultural Goods and Livestock

When it comes to handling the shipment of your agricultural products, the logistics are a bit more straightforward. In most cases, farming produce can be packed in crates or bales that will easily fit in standard trucks or on trailers. If you have livestock, there are transport trailers and carriers specifically designed and operated to carry livestock from your farm or ranch to processing plants, stockyards, or wherever else they may need to go. 

Most agricultural operations depend on outside carriers to transport their goods. Again, when transporting agricultural commodities, whether livestock or produce, it is important to comply with all federal and state regulations. Many of these regulations deal with the distance/time traveled, as livestock must be treated humanely, and produce must be protected from spoilage.

Trust The Logistics Guys to Handle Your Shipment

With The Logistics Guys, you don’t have to sweat the details. We know that many agricultural operations depend on outsourced transportation to move machinery and goods. Our specialty is taking major transportation challenges and providing turnkey service in handling them for our clients, from packing and pick-up to final delivery. When it comes to complex transportation projects, where your expertise ends, ours begins. 

At The Logistics Guys, we will work with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet your needs and timeline. We ensure that your material will get to its destination safely, in compliance with all regulations, and fully insured. If your agricultural operation has a specialized transportation challenge, contact The Logistics Guys today.