4 Reasons to Choose a Professional Logistics Company for Your Transportation Needs

4 Reasons to Choose a Professional Logistics Company for Your Transportation Needs

For most people and businesses, shipping is no big deal. Arranging shipments through companies like UPS, FedEx, or even the postal service is easy, and you can even obtain shipping supplies. These companies also offer many options, including shipping methods and times, insurance, and receipt verification. Shipping with these companies is so easy that you don’t need unique expertise in arranging transportation for most goods.

But what if you are responsible for arranging the transportation of a shipment that requires more specialized treatment? Occasionally, you may need to transport something unusually large, complex, time-sensitive, valuable, or fragile that requires specialized handling. Examples of these types of shipments include:

  • Heavy or oversized items, such as machinery, equipment, and industrial components
  • Hazardous materials or dangerous goods, which require strict adherence to safety regulations and specialized packaging and transportation
  • Perishable goods, such as food or pharmaceuticals, which require temperature-controlled transportation and storage
  • International shipments which require knowledge of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and transportation logistics
  • High-value or fragile items, such as artwork, musical instruments, or electronics require specialized handling and packaging to prevent damage.
  • Just-in-time (JIT) shipments require precise coordination and timing to ensure they arrive at their destination at the right time.

When shipping requires specialized treatment, consider hiring a logistics company. 

Advantages of Using a Professional Logistics Company

When it comes to special shipments, a good logistics company will handle all aspects, including packaging, regulatory compliance, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery. Moreover, a logistics company can ensure the job is done right. Here are the main benefits of using logistics professionals:

  1. Expertise and Experience: 

Unless you have extensive experience handling complex transportation projects, figuring out how to get your shipment handled requires scaling a steep learning curve that logistics professionals have already mastered. Moving your project forward is what they are good at, and you can be confident that your important shipments will be appropriately handled and delivered on time. They already know what carriers can handle your type of material, what transportation methods are the best, and which regulations need to be observed. They will streamline the shipping process for you.

  1. Cost Savings: 

While specialized transportation projects can get expensive, ignorance and errors can be even more costly. Logistics companies know what factors can influence the cost of transportation and know how to get a job done efficiently and cost-effectively. Logistics professionals work with more than one carrier and material handler, and they are familiar with these companies. They know how to negotiate cost savings because they know what influences prices and what leverage is available to keep prices low. 

  1. Time Savings: 

Your company does not have time to ramp up its shipping expertise when it comes to specialized transportation challenges. By outsourcing logistics management to a professional company, your business can save time and focus on its core activities. Logistics companies utilize their expertise to complete a project; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The success of a logistics business depends on maintaining a good reputation, so you can be confident that they will deliver the services you need: getting your goods moved without damage and on schedule.

  1. Risk Reduction: 

Logistics companies can help reduce the risk of lost or damaged goods during transportation. They won’t trust your shipment to any carrier; they will only use handlers and carriers they know can handle the material. They have comprehensive insurance coverage and can provide risk management solutions to ensure shipments are delivered safely and securely. Additionally, logistics companies know how to arrange contingency plans and alternative routes in case of unexpected events such as bad weather, transportation strikes, or accidents.

If you need to arrange specialized transportation for a shipment and can’t risk getting it wrong, don’t sweat it. The professionals at The Logistics Guys welcome your transportation project, no matter how complex. We know how to get your shipment where it needs to go, with turnkey service from packaging, handling, and paperwork, to transport and final delivery. Contact The Logistics Guys today.

Written by James Colies

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